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I am a designer and maker with a strong belief that sustainable design does not have to result in a boring or compromised product. I hand make simple and elegant pieces which have won awards and are recognised for their imaginative use of an underused resource – coppiced hazel.

Coppicing is a way of cutting and managing trees that provides an abundant source of timber, as well as creating a healthy and diverse woodland. I hand-harvest the coppiced hazel that I need each Winter and manage the woodland where it grows throughout the year. Hazel is just one of the wonderful British hard woods that I work with. Every board of every species of timber that I use is responsibly sourced.

My vision is of a world where our woodlands are managed and people are engaged with nature. For this reason I design objects using sustainable materials, traditional and sometimes ancient techniques, with a contemporary aesthetic. I believe that a more considered approach to design will steadily make for a more sustainable material culture than the one we have today.