>If you have read back far enough, or have been following my blog you will have seen my post about a trip to London during design week. I mentioned the Central St Martins MA Design exhibition that we went to, and were quite unimpressed by. I have found an image of the bamboo chair that irritated me so much. Just to recap, (if I have remembered this correctly) the girl that designed this was arguing that bamboo was a sustainable material for use in furniture because it grows quickly, and can be re-harvested from the stump as it is a grass. – lovely idea, and this contributed to my idea of looking at using coppiced Hazel etc in a similar way. However, I think the execution of this idea is weak. It isn’t the most attractive piece of furniture, looks too delicate to sit on, and surely cross-cutting all those bamboo canes, drilling holes in them and sewing them together is the most labour and energy consuming way to make a chair? Sustainable Design?

Please refer to the previous post of a full explanation of my ideas. Here is the image.